Here at Barnhart Farms, we raise both Kiko and Savanna meat goats. It has been or mission to acquire superior genetics of both breeds. We look for strong rate of gain history, superior mothering characteristics, solid confirmation features for soundness and genetic proven parasite resistance.

In 2015, we converted our small scale herd into a large scale confinement operation. Converting a farrow to finish hog confinement facility into a meat goat confinement facility. We now operate with 500+ animals under roof.

Barnhart Farms has acquired genetics across the great country in both Kiko and Savanna breeds to reach our goal of raising the meatiest body structure with the confirmation to carry their stature. We pride ourselves in both our registered stock while breeding for percentage commercial animals to meet the demand on that side of our business. Our percentage commercial goats possess the best characteristics of both breeds. This cross gives hybrid vigor, increased average daily gain and strong resistance to sickness and parasites.

We welcome you to come and see how our meat goats can enrich your program. We kid monthly-year round. Therefore, this gives us the ability to have doelings and bucklings available for sale.